Some singers (like Whitney Houston & Brian McKnight) have the natural gift of riding the musical staff at any speed.  We call this vocal riffing.  Many people, though possessing the ability to sing, lack the ability to riff.  Those who lack such a skill often try to do it during a performance, only making themselves look and sound  unprofessional.  One must admit that it is easier to mimic Pavarotti than to imitate Mariah Carey.  Riffing is a major part of vocal training that most vocal coaches over-look.   Some artists over-use riffing, making it the main focus of their song or displaying it like gaudy jewelry.  The intention of this production is to help you enhance your vocal skills - to sweeten the song and to make it more interesting to the ear..... not to make you a show-off.  The fact is most singers of all genres would like to know how to riff but don't have the mechanics or the instruction to do so.  Think I'm just making this up?  Click here to read this article.  This CD will give you the vocal training needed to develop or strengthen your vocal riffing skills.  It comes with a money-back guarantee and it's only $14.99   



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DAVID MARCELLE: Developing Vocal Riffs
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DAVID MARCELLE: Body Condition - The Ancient Way- DVD $19.99
DAVID MARCELLE: Developing Vocal Riffs $14.99
DAVID MARCELLE, JR.: The Walk $10.00
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